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Vice Chairman Wu Chunteng of Shaoguan CPPCC led a team to Survey Omat Company

In the afternoon of June 21th, 2018, vice chairman Wu Chunteng of Shaoguan CPPCC, Director Xu Zhihong of Shaoguan CPPCC, Director Zhang Heng of Shaoguan CPPCC, and Shaoguan & Dongguan Chamber of Commerce Secretary-General Ren Quanju and his assistant visited Omat company. The president Wen Hongfu and other main leaders of Omat company warmly welcomed chairman Wu and his party.

vice chairman Wu Chunteng of Shaoguan CPPCC led a team to survey Omat company
Chairman Wu listened to the President Wen Hongfu’s report on business circumstance and future development of OMAT company. He also visited the ITO(Indium & Tin Oxide target) workshop, Mo Target workshop, Forging workshop, Rolling workshop and the other equipments, and also watched the productive process.
President Wen Hongfu is reporting on Omat company business operations
Omat Technical Director introduce ITO target
Visiting Omat Equipments workshop
Chairman Wu cordially inquired about the construction of talent teams and exchanged ideas with technical professionals, he encouraged Omat to enlarge talent teams and retain the talent. The Chairman hope that Omat company can contribute to the implementation of talent developing strategy of Shaoguan city.
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