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Work in Omat
1) Omat Work Culture 
Omat advocates happy work and teamwork passionately, employees and group growing together and share the achievements. We provide our employees is not only a work but the experience for accomplishment and pride through continuous innovation, developing superior product performance for customers and create the social value.
2) Work Environment
Omat is a company which pursues and promotes high-grade healthy life and caring philosophy, provide a safe, comfortable, open and art office with average of 15 square meters per capita, and has discussed outdoor seating area.
 In addition to the user-friendly office environment, Omat group create an open, flexible, results-oriented and fully display individual talents and valuable working atmosphere for employees, to promote proactive, team work mode.
3)  Pay Plans
Omat makes a comprehensive job level salary system based on the nature of the staff positions and responsibilities. We provide our employees the competitive basic salary in industry, and set the project bonuses, annual service bonuses, annual special award, performance reached award, which will directly reflect employees performance and contribution.
4)Achievement share plans(stock options)
Omat provide the stock options for the key employees who are interested in the long-term development with company and perform outstanding consistently, designed to allow employees share company growth, making employees individual interests and the company development union together.
5)Employees Security and welfare plans
Omat provides staff with social insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, and an annual physical examination set by the state. In addition to the public holidays, weddings leave, maternity leave and statutory holidays etc., there also are 5-10 days of paid annual leave according to employees service time.

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